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 Welcome to my website. * Online Shop closes for orders 3rd December

If you would like to purchase a handmade gift from a Scottish artist and designer

..... I hope you find something special among my exclusive range.


The images below showcase the diversity of my work to tempt you to come and find out more. Please click on the image to view each separate range.


Artisan Jewellery Range

       Artisan Silks Range


Birthday Card RangeSarong & Pashmina Buckle 


             Artwork Range

Teddy Baby Celebration  



Currently the following items can be ordered and bought at the Online Shop:


Please visit my profile page to find out how the business started, how it has progressed over 20 years and where you can browse and buy from the current range. 


The Artisan Range includes hand made silks and jewellery in lovely vibrant colours and textures. 


The Fineline Artwork Range reflects a love of painting and drawing using unusual mediums and textures.